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About Us

The origins of the current incarnation stretch way back to a Slack Alice gig at The True Blues Club in Earlstown. Paul Bradshaw (Planty) was the house engineer at the time and Chris (JP) was playing guitar with the band. The two got talking about their mutual appreciation for all things Zeppelin after Paul mentioned to Chris how uncannily alike he sounded to Page.Numbers were swapped cos you never know! Fast forward to July 2018. Chris received a call from Paul whilst returning from an Available Jones gig at The Half Moon n Putney asking if he was still interested in playing in a Zep Trib. The original lineup of Led Into Zeppelin had fallen apart due to a series of misunderstandings and Paul was looking to resurrect the band. Chris was very interested….who wouldn`t be! He soon recruited one of his bandmates from from a late 80s musical venture called The Spurs. Step forward Damo Waite as JHB. Chris was certain he was perfect for the gig and Damo has more than proved him right. Eventually these three core members recruited Pete Betts (JPJ) on bass who`s proved his pedigree as one of the best in the business, and the baby of the band and well known local bluesman Jason Scott Wilkinson on keys. Since then the band have gone from strength to strength playing high profile venues from The Green in Kinross, The Forum in Darlington, The Boom Club in Sutton and many more enhancing their reputation as the UK`s premier tribute to the mighty Zeppelin.
paul n chris