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Jason Scott-Wilkinson

I was brought up surrounded by music, soaking up everything from The Clash and The Damned to Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Oasis and of course Led Zeppelin! At the age of 12 a family friend came to the house and played ‘Great Balls of Fire’ on our upright piano, I instantly turned to my dad and said that I wanted to do that. After mild persuasion, the family friend Barney Williams of the Milltown Brothers, agreed to teach me and I was then introduced to the world of boogie woogie, barrelhouse and jazz piano. I’ve been playing live gigs since the age of 16, playing in blues bands, funk and soul bands, jazz bands and spending quite a few years on the wedding/function band scene playing guitar and also singing lead vocals. I’d say I have a very eclectic, broad taste in music and this has influenced my playing. I can be listening to Led Zeppelin one minute (obviously) and then Miles Davis the next or The Stone Roses can be quickly followed by Tool only for them to be followed by Nina Simone or Carole King. After seeing an ad for a new keyboard player for Led Into Zeppelin, I contacted Chris and was subjected to/had the privilege of an audition with both Chris and Damon…that was over a year ago and I keep turning up gigs so I can only assume I got the gig.
Jason on JPJ – “John Paul Jones has always astounded me as a musician, not only is he an incredible bass player but his keys playing is so clever – when you hear his playing you can’t imagine it being played any differently. Add to that the work he’s doing with his feet for the basslines and the fact it sounds like two separate instruments and it’s honestly mindblowing, never mind the age he was when they were originally releasing all this music. I personally love his use of modes in his playing, not something you would instantly recognise but that in itself is another genius, using a clever musical approach and not have it smack you right in the face, it’s subtle and understated…like the man himself I suppose”.